“Good manners are just a way of showing other people that we have respect for them.” -Bill Kelly
A grooming session was conducted on “Social Etiquette and communication” for the students of Amity Global School, Noida aiming at producing future leaders with impeccable etiquette and knowledge of international courtesies. An excellent presentation, demonstration and practice session was organized by the resource person- Dr. EEshani Saraswat, Asst. Director, Amity Finishing School. and Ms. Ojasvi Parmar, Counselor and Trainer, Amity Finishing School.
The session was quite interactive and participatory. The power point presentation was punctuated with images and students were asked to identify the emotions exhibited in it. The students learnt how to interact and converse socially, effective introductions, greetings, body language and posture, art of sitting, standing and walking. The importance of Verbal and non- verbal communication was also discussed in the session to augment the self-image, vibrancy and personal style of young Amitians to international standards.