SENIOR YEARS (Ages 16-18)


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) is a rewarding and academically rigorous qualification, which is recognized and highly sought after by leading universities across the world. 

There is an emphasis on the development of research and critical reflection and on the importance of individual commitment to creativity, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and service to others.  

The IBDP takes a holistic approach to teaching and learning, and prepares students for university life and beyond with an emphasis on key transferable skills and attributes identified in the IB Learner Profile. 


IBDP Students participating in the full IB Diploma Programme need to complete the following three core requirements:

  1. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) challenges students with questions such as: Why do we seek knowledge? or What counts as knowledge? TOK crosses the boundaries of individual disciplines and helps students to reflect on the knowledge that they have acquired from both their academic studies and their lives outside the classroom.
  2. Extended Essay pushes students to conduct independent research studies relating to subjects covered in the classroom.
  3. Creativity, Activity and Service is an opportunity for students to explore their local and worldwide communities outside of the classroom.

Subjects offered at AGS:

Group 1 (Studies in Language and Literature) Group 2 (Language Aquisition) Group 3 (Individuals and Societies) Group 4 (Sciences) Group 5 (Mathematics) Group 6 (the Arts)

English A: Language and Literature

Hindi B: Language and Literature

French Ab Initio (only SL)

Business Management



Information and Technology in a Global Society (ITGS)




Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS)(Only SL)

Mathematics: Application and Interpretation (AI)

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (AA)

Visual Arts

Students need to choose one subject from each group. Group 6 is an elective.

Students have to choose 6 subjects: 3 at Higher Level, 3 at Standard level; students can also opt for a maximum of 4 HL and 2SL.

If a student has to take three Sciences then the student will skip one subject from group 3 and group 6 each, but then prior permission is taken from IB for the same and this is called an irregular diploma.

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Cambridge AS & A Level - For Grade 11 & 12 (Cambridge Stage 12 & 13)

We offer Cambridge Advanced (A levels) for learners who need additional support as they prepare for university and higher education.

Cambridge International AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A (Advanced) Level learners develop independent learning skills. It gives students the opportunity to personalize their curriculum to suit their individual interests, abilities and future plans.

Learners must pass a combination of Cambridge International AS and A Level exams with at least one course from each of the three subject groups. 

At AGSN, A level subjects can be chosen from the combination of the below: 

  • English General Paper AS 
  • Mathematics / Hindi AS & A
  • Physics/Economics/Psychology AS & A
  • Chemistry/Business Studies AS & A
  • Biology/Art & Design/Computer Science AS & A / Geography
  • French AS 
AGSN offers a maximum of 5 subjects, however students have the option to self-study more subjects and appear for their respective examinations. 


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