Science Labs

Students have access to fully-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs, where practical classes are thoughtfully structured to reinforce theoretical concepts. A significant portion of students' time is dedicated to laboratory work. The seamless integration of theory and practical components offers students a hands-on learning experience that inspires their enthusiasm for further research and development.


ICT Labs

At Amity Global School in Noida, our ICT Lab serves as a vital platform, offering young minds the opportunity to navigate the digital world. Our lab is equipped with the latest computer systems, maintaining a user-to-machine ratio of 1:1. With a fully networked and Wi-Fi-enabled campus, our ICT Lab and digital resource center empower our students to explore the boundless possibilities of the internet.


Art, Music and Dance Studios

AGSN students are wholeheartedly encouraged to innovate, brainstorm, and execute their ideas in our art, music and dance studios.

Vibrant, cheerful, and inviting art masterpieces adorn the walls of our school, all creatively crafted by students of all ages in our art studio.

AGSN's Music & Dance Department is a well-designed, spacious haven with excellent acoustics, providing our students not only with the space to develop but also to refine their appreciation for diverse musical and dance genres. Students receive training in various musical instruments, including Piano, Bongo, Guitar, and Drums, tailored to their individual interests. They are also strongly encouraged to participate in competitions at multiple levels.



At Amity Global School, our comprehensive sports program encompasses a wide array of activities, including athletics, basketball, cricket, badminton, volleyball, skating, karate, yoga, chess, carom, football, aerobics, gymnastics, archery, shooting, horse riding, and table tennis, among others.



We boast a vast collection of more than 3,000 books within our state-of-the-art Primary and Senior School libraries. Our students frequently utilize the library for various purposes, including enhancing their literacy skills, conducting research, and accessing information. A variety of activities, such as Book Week, Author Birthdays, Book Talk, Author Studies, and the celebration of International Days, along with other literacy events, are organized to inspire students to appreciate and enjoy books.


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